Carl Skrukrud ’15 Posted on October 24th, 2014 by

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 22 year old male, originating from Prairie Village, KS.  Mom, dad, brother, sister, and a dauchshund.  Hobby: guitar playing, all types.

Why did you choose Nursing as a major? I burnt my feet badly around 8 years of age and there was a fantastic nurse who inspired me to pay if forward.

Medical-surgical; maybe because it was my first or maybe because you see a little bit of everything.  I like to move around and see new things.

What are your career goals or plans after graduation? Accept a job in Kansas City (home) or near St. Peter to live with my brother.  Gain some maturity in nursing and then maybe go on to more school or do advanced training in a hospital setting.



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