Community Health in Alaska!!

Posted on October 22nd, 2011 by

The Gustavus nursing department is pleased to announce that two students from the Senior Nursing Class will be in Barrow, Alaska for the next four weeks. They will study Inupiat culture, learn as much as possible about Barrow and the indigenous people who live there. They will be busy screening for tuberculosis, working with the teenage population and trying to stay warm! Barrow is situated near the Arctic ocean and temperatures are frequently below zero. This is the season of darkness in Alaska and by November the sun will disappear from the horizon for about three months. Most of the day is dark with only a few hours of dusk. Korbin Wayne and Sarah Kate Pierro will be working closely with the North Slope public health director, Doreen Leavitt. Stay tuned for updates on this great opportunity to learn nursing in a very new location.



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