With One Voice in Tanzania: 2019

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The Tanzania trip is very fun and recommended for all students. A majority of potential or official nursing students tend to be the major attraction for this trip but it is open to everyone at Gustavus. These pictures were taken at the Maasai Girls School in Monduli, Tanzania. The Maasai Girl’s School was founded by Eunice and Dave Simonson for girls to become educated rather than be subjected to an arranged marriage at a very young age.

Front row: Olivia Sundeen, Sofia Ramos, Barbara Zust, Neena Lewanga, and Camryn Heckel.

Back row: Lindsey Schmidt, Taylor Kline, Courtney Erickson, Ingrid Bassinger, Todd Mattson, and Carly Peterson.

Neena Lewanga’s education has been supported for two years by the J-Term alumni from 2017.  

Barbara Zust: Nursing Department chair

 A little about the course:

“This course is designed for students who are interested in exploring health in Tanzania from a holistic perspective that regards one’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as intricately enmeshed. Students will interact directly with people in rural and urban health care settings, as well as spend extended time being part of a rural village’s daily life. Because music plays an important role in Tanzanian culture, students will have numerous opportunities to join the people of Tanzania in singing favorite Tanzanian songs of faith in Swahili. Students will write daily narratives that reflect on the meaning of this experience. A final paper will explore the lived experience of the power of music for health and wellbeing in Tanzania.”

Take the time to look into courses like this one, you will not regret it. Also if you are interested don’t be shy, talk to anyone who might know about the trip. Knowing from someone that has gone will ease the doubt and might even convince you to try next year!


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