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Lynnea Myers“Gusties will shine!” declares the Gustie Rouser, which is exactly what Lynnea Myers is doing! Class of 2005 and faculty in Nursing at Gustavus, Lynnea is shining internationally.

Lynnea was selected through a competitive review and interview process for a prestigious European Union grant-funded doctoral position at Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden.   She was one of eight scholars from around the world selected for one of these positions that are based at a variety of European universities. On September 1, 2015, Lynnea began working under a world-renowned scholar (Dr. Sven Bölte) exploring bio-behavioral ways to identify signs of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder earlier in young children.

Lynnea received an extended leave for professional development from Gustavus. During her absence, Lynnea will continue to be involved in efforts to support the mission of Gustavus, by participating in the following ways:

  1. Participate in international blogging about health care for nursing and pre-health students;
  2. Provide support for the students and faculty who arrive for the semester abroad in Sweden;
  3. Serve as a resource for students exploring research opportunities for January Interim or summer at Karolinska or other related research institutes;
  4. Provide guest lectures as requested via Skype or Facetime for students on international health care issues, child development, research, etc.;
  5. Continue to serve as the faculty sponsor for the January interim internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with Dr. Gordon Mansergh (She will be on holiday break in Minnesota during the time she typically does the internship site visit supported by Dr. Mansergh);
  6. Continue to be a part of the National Advisory Board for Nursing at Gustavus;
  7. Participate via Skype with the CCNE accreditation site evaluator’s interview with the nursing faculty;
  8. Provide any needed support with alumni efforts in Sweden/Stockholm.

Prior to leaving, Lynnea helped the department of nursing identify her replacement and prepared as much as she could for the upcoming Fall semester in hopes of a smooth beginning. She already has been helpful in making connections for potential student opportunities in Sweden. This semester, Nursing 387 students are set up to blog with her  regarding the strengths and challenges of health care policies in Sweden compared with the strengths and challenges of healthcare policies in the USA.

In a formal statement, Lynnea said:

As an alumna of the college, I am passionate about its mission, and I am committed to returning to this institution with greater depth and breadth of knowledge. I know the strong connections Gustavus has developed in recent years with Sweden. The chance to not only live, but also study, in this remarkable country with leading health researchers at a world-renowned university is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I also know that I can continue to serve the college in myriad ways, including those noted above, even in my absence. I am especially excited to help connect students, faculty, and alumni with experiences in Sweden. I know that this experience will be transformative. It will allow me to come back to Gustavus not only with a stronger understanding of child development, but more importantly, an international perspective on health, culture, and wellbeing to infuse my teaching and scholarly activities.

Lycka till, Lynnea!  Tack för allt!


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