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Every year there is a day specific for student Nurses to be recognized and informed. That day is called Nurses Day on the Hill, this year that day was March 19th 2019.

“The day will focus on briefing students about legislative priorities and facilitating their lobbying efforts with legislators. We aim to educate students about the Minnesota Nurses Association and the political process, and ultimately influencing elected officials on nursing issues.” -MNA

That being said, the Nursing students from Gustavus Adolphus College decided to take action and participate. Here are a few things they managed to take part in:

Left to Right: Luke Schavey, Jessica Radzak, Kaitlyn Olsen, Marissa Paule, Blake Heiman, Hunter Kraling and Hunter Hiemstra.
The students pictured above are current Nursing Seniors enrolled in NUR 393 (Mental Health). They got together and decided to take a trip to the capitol and urge their Senator to increase funding for school-linked mental health services. They did this in order to advocate for those in need of some form of medical help and are not able to speak up for themselves.
Marina Chapman, Drew Weis, Jessica Dirks, Liz Mellgren and Mariah Geer
These senior Nursing students brought Representative Mike Freiberg support for the Bill H.F. 1182. The purpose of this Bill is to bring more funding and education to the public related to the importance of vaccines. These students took it upon themselves to also advocate for those who live in rural communities with families that might not have the opportunity to afford necessary vaccinations.


Left to Right: Brittany Luethmers, Anna Neeser, Jill Farniok, and Jim Nash

These ladies are also senior Nursing students and they took a trip to go visit Jim Nash from Waconia Minnesota. He is the representative of the A47 district for the Minnesota House of Representatives. They went with intentions of addressing similar topics as the previous two groups had and also gave him a letter.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can toss a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Theresa 


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