MNA Student Nurses on the Hill

Posted on April 20th, 2018 by

Nursing Seniors attended the Minnesota Nursing Association’s Nursing Student’s Day on the Hill event on April 10th, 2018 to advocate for Mental Health issues in their home county. The students attended a panel where MNA board members spoke on policy within their nursing careers. The panel also featured Senators Amy Koch and Kathy Sheran talking about current policy issues and how to be politically active in careers as RNs. The students then boarded a bus to meet with legislators at the Capitol. To prepare, small groups of students wrote letters of opinion to their legislator about a Mental Health issue they have experienced through Mental Health clinicals and then set a meeting time to present the letter to their legislator. Topics ranged from increasing beds in mental health facilities, training police officers for mental health crises, the opioid crisis, along with many other important issues.

 Below are a few pictures taken throughout the day.

(L.) GAC students with Senator Andrew Mathews.     (R.) GAC students with Senator Nick Frentz.


(L.) Gsutavus and St. Ben’s students in front of Capitol.   (R.) Olivia Crocker ’18 enthusiastically boarding the bus to the Capitol.

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