A Note from the Gustavus Student Nurses Association (GSNA) President: Posted on September 10th, 2015 by

Gustavus Student Nurses’ Association (GSNA) is an organization for nursing students to take on leadership roles, engage with faculty, strengthen professional development, mentor interested nursing students, and engage in the Gustavus community. As Co-Presidents, Breanna and I are excited to make great changes to GSNA this year. In the next few weeks we will assist the junior class in elections for junior GSNA board positions. This year we will act as one board with the seniors taking the chair position and the juniors in the chair-elect positions. Breanna and I feel this change will provide the junior board a better sense of comfort in the position and allow GSNA to function as one cohesive group. We look forward to a year of great changes and are excited to meet the new junior class board.  — Katie Kemp



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