Bellecourt Presents for Gustavus Nursing

Posted on November 18th, 2013 by


Nursing students April Phillip and Adam Burnett from Barrow, Alaska greet Clyde Bellecourt before his presentation to the Gustavus community on November 11. Clyde, whose Native name means Thunder Before the Storm, is known for his relentless advocacy for civil rights on a local, national, and international level.

An American legend, Clyde is known for his involvement in some high profile demonstrations: including the occupation of Wounded Knee and the BIA in Washington, DC. More recently, Clyde founded and leads the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media. Clyde’s efforts with the International Indian Treaty Council has been recognized by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. He is the director of the Peacemaker Center for Indian youth and has founded numerous other organizations for native people. Clyde Bellecourt is very optimistic for the future, because he sees this generation as coming together (all peoples of all races) for peace.

Clyde agreed to come to Gustavus to speak to Nursing’s class entitled Alaska Native/Native American Perspectives on Wellbeing.


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